I became WØMM May 20, 2003 after years of being KM5M (I'm still F5JTL on the other side of the pond). My first license was back in 0-land (thanks to KC0T and KY0X) in 1984. Looks like I've come full circle with a 0-land call :)

Got my 5BDXCC and basic-5BWAZ (185 zones wkd/cfmd) with my French call more than 23 years ago and finished 8BDXCC (started being active for real again in 2001 since I had no station for 10 years) in January 2004 with my multiband inverted vee at 20 ft here in Houston. Wish I had a better antenna on 80 but my subdivision doesn't allow anything that looks like an antenna. So low wires is the only way to go around here...Next is finishing my 5BWAZ (197 worked so far - 3 more on 80). I finished my 160m DXCC in December 2012 and worked country #331 (Nicobar Isl.) to reach HR on November 8, 2014. A few more (A5, BS7, EZ, FT/W, P5, SV/A and VK0/H) to reach 340 ;-)

I participate in some (mostly CW) contests from NR5M (last ones to date were CQWW CW SOSB(A)-15 in Nov. 2012, CQWW CW SOSB(A)-10 in Nov. 2013,  WPX CW at NR5M in May 2015 and CQWW CW SOSB(A)-15 in Nov. 2015). I am also his QSL manager.