The picture above was taken at NR5M where I operate CW contests. It's a 3-element 80m beam at 60 meters (200 ft) and 2 6L 20m beams.

To learn more about ham radio you should check the ARRL website. It will give you a fairly good idea about what amateur radio is all about.

I have had the chance to visit several ham operators abroad (Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, France, etc.) You can have a look at some of the pictures I took with them on this page. I was also in South Africa and Lesotho during the summer of 2009. I operated 7P8MM for 2 weeks there and in July 2010 I was in Finland and operated OHØ/WØMM from OHØZ.

The pictures on the righthand side are QSL cards. Those cards are from stations I manage (I'm their QSL manager).  A great book about those cards is called Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio.

In January 2011 I set up a satellite weather reception station at Awty and you can see what kind of images I get with that station here.


I became WØMM May 20, 2003 after years of being KM5M (I'm still F5JTL on the other side of the pond). My first license was back in Ø-land (thanks to KCØT and KYØX, both SK now) in 1984. Looks like I've come full circle with a 0-land call :)

Got my 5BDXCC and basic-5BWAZ (185 zones wkd/cfmd) with my French call more than 24 years ago and finished 8BDXCC (started being active for real again in 2001 since I had no station for 10 years) in January 2004 with my multiband inverted vee at 20 ft here in Houston. Wish I had a better antenna on 80 but my subdivision doesn't allow anything that looks like an antenna. So low wires is the only way to go around here...Next is finishing my 5BWAZ (197 worked so far - 3 more on 80). I finished my 160m DXCC in December 2012 and worked country #331 (Nicobar Isl.) to reach HR on November 8, 2014. I now have five more to work (BS7, EZ, FT/W, P5 and SV/A) to reach HR#1 ;-)

I participate in some (mostly CW) contests from NR5M (last ones to date were CQWW CW SOSB(A)-15 in Nov. 2012, CQWW CW SOSB(A)-10 in Nov. 2013,  WPX CW at NR5M in May 2015 and CQWW CW SOSB(A)-15 in Nov. 2015). I am also his QSL manager. If you don't know the station I invite you to watch the video I uploaded on YouTube.

View the Photo Gallery

A few pictures taken in the last 15+ years at various operating places while visiting different stations throughout the world.
WØMM Sound Bites

You can listen to various sound clips recorded on the air as I was operating.

QSL Manager for the Following Stations (past and present):

4Z5KJ is now VE7IRU (ex-
9H3KJ , UA0ZY, UB5JAR). I've know Alex for years and have been his QSL manager since the mid 2000s.

Jean-Louis operated from Tahiti, French Polynesia, for a few years before going back to France.

Sergio was fairly active in the 2000s. He is now OA4SJ.

Mike is now YN3M.

KCØW spent a year in St. Helena.

Myself with a view of the station from above.

IV3IYH a.k.a. NQ5W's operation in Honduras in Nov. 2011.

KCØW in Haiti in January/February 2015 - CW only!